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Researchers Find Links Between Gum Disease and Chronic Health Problems

Researchers Find Links Between Gum Disease and Chronic Health Problems

Evidence continues to mount that suggests an individual’s oral health can greatly impact his or her overall health. More encouraging, researchers have discovered that treating gum disease can actually help reduce an individual’s risk of a variety of chronic health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other conditions.

Examined 339,000 People

To determine what effects treating gum disease may have on the body, a recent study examined the dental and health insurance records of nearly 339,000 people suffering from one of five conditions: pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers discovered that within four years, individuals who underwent treatment for gum disease had decreased medical costs and a lower rate of hospitalization when compared to individuals who did not undergo treatment. For example, individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes who underwent treatment for gum disease enjoyed health care costs that were between 20 to 40 percent lower.

Common Link

The common link between most chronic health conditions and gum disease is inflammation. The build-up of inflammatory substances in the blood can cause many common health conditions to worsen.

The results of this recent study offers new evidence that suggests noninvasive therapy may help improve health outcomes for chronic conditions. Of course, the results of this study also indicate the need to practice quality oral hygiene at home.

While treating for gum disease can help lower the risk of chronic health conditions, developing gum disease also increases your risk of suffering from one of these conditions, as well.

To help improve and maintain your oral and lower your risk of gum disease, it remains important that you brush at least twice daily and floss. Maintaining quality oral health also means scheduling regular dental appointments with Sandy dentist Dr. Conklin to undergo cleanings and oral checkups. By practicing these oral hygiene steps, you can ensure you enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

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