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Can Your Dentist See Disease Before You Do?

It’s important to take care of your health and most people visit their doctor in order to get diagnosis for wellness but your dentist, like Sandy, Oregon Dentist Dr. Conklin,  is actually a great partner in keeping and maintaining a healthy body. In fact, your dentist can sometimes see it before you do, it lurks in your body, we are talking about disease.

Stressed Out

If you’re stressed out, frustrated or overwhelmed, it can show up in your mouth. We see patients all the time that have infectious disease in their mouth and it is linked to a larger issue in their body.

With issues like bleeding gums it will affect your body. Taking care of your oral health is the bedrock of many healthy habits. What you put in your mouth matters.

Your dentist will be able to help you heal. Most people who visit the dentist don’t expect to be diagnosed with the disease, but your dentist can tell if there is something going on in your body.

Could Be A Deeper Issue

For example, if you have cavities, this is not just a problem in your mouth. It could be a deeper issue, maybe an overactive gland, diabetes or even obesity. Cavities are caused by too much sugar in the body, and they show up with tooth decay on your teeth.

Recognize that your body is a machine and taking care of it is necessary for optimal health. Treating it like a healthy machine will give you great results.

We always say prevention is the best medicine and form of dental care.

Your dental health is a barometer for the rest of your body. If something shows up in your mouth it is a reflection of your overall body’s wellness. You can address the trigger problem more appropriately and avoid chronic and oral infections by taking care of your teeth.

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